Top 5 Best Dog Houses For Hot Weather, Summer & Warm Climates

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When you’re cooling off in that hot summer heat, don’t forget about your dog! Canines are just as susceptible to hot weather as humans are. However, dogs are not capable of just running inside and getting relief like you and me.

Whether you own a small Chihuahua or a large Husky,

It’s important that you do all you can to keep your dog safe when the temperature rises.

dog laying on wood outside in hot weather

Severe heat exposure can lead to a host of problems. Your dog can experience heat stroke, which may result in disorientation, mental confusion, and loss of consciousness.

If the condition isn’t resolved quickly, it may even lead to death. Plus, there’s an increased risk of dehydration and lasting health problems.

If you’re unable to keep your dog inside your home, there are some things you can do to ensure that these dilemmas don’t happen while they’re relaxing outside.

The most effective thing you can get to protect your pup from the sun is a high-quality dog house.

Like your own home, dog houses are a private oasis where they can get away from the heat and stay cool.

With that being said, not all houses are going to do the trick. Here’s a list of some great dog houses that are perfect for protecting your dog in warm weather climates.

7 of the Best Outdoor Dog Houses For Hot Weather, Summer, & Warm Climates

#1. Petmate Indigo Dog House All-Weather Protection

 Petmate Indigo Dog House All-Weather Protection

While it may be shaped like an igloo, this dog house from PetMate is more than capable of keeping Fido cool in the sweltering heat. It’s made out of tough resin that can withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at it.

Inside, the house is completely insulated. The solid construction prevents cool air from escaping. To help with air circulation, there’s a ventilation system on the roof. 

The floor of the house is also raised, ensuring that air can flow freely around the product for maximum comfort. The house comes in three sizes to accommodate any dog.

The bottom can be detached for easy moving. It’s also coated with an antimicrobial finish to keep things clean and bacteria-free.

#2. Petsfit Dog House Outdoor

Petsfit Dog House, Dog House Outdoor

The PetsFit dog house is versatile enough to provide comfort all year long. It’s a large doghouse that’s available in a few different sizes.

The entire unit is raised off the ground and features a removable floor. This design lets air get around the entire home, keeping things cool in the summer. 

The roof is covered in waterproof material while the door has a plastic flap to keep the weather out. When your pup needs some fresh air, simply lift up the roof.

It’s on a strong hinge, letting you prop the door up for even more air circulation.

#3. Suncast Outdoor Dog House with Door (Water Resistant)

Suncast Outdoor Dog House with Door - Water Resistant Dog House for Small to Large Sized Dogs - Easy to Assemble - Perfect for Backyards

Made out of molded resin, this outdoor dog house from Suncast is quite attractive.

The body of the home features faux siding, two fake windows, and simulated roof shingles. There’s even a door frame with an included vinyl flap to keep the elements out. 

The entire house is water resistant and built to last. The roof has vents to provide ventilation during the warmer months.

If you ever need to get inside for cleaning, you’ll be happy to know that the roof can be completely removed as well.

#4. Tangkula Pet Dog House Outdoor Weather Waterproof

Tangkula Pet Dog House Outdoor Weather Waterproof Pet House Wood Pet Kennel Natural Wooden Dog House Home with Reddish Brown Roof

With its modern design and natural materials, the Tangkula Dog House is a great addition to any backyard.

It’s made out of natural fir wood that’s painted with a non-toxic coating for protection. The entire house is on risers, putting the entrance about four inches off the ground.

With all that space underneath your dog, they can stay cool no matter what the temperature is like outside. The gable-style roof is quite tall, giving your dog plenty of room to move around.

The top is covered in asphalt for great protection from rain, snow, and sun.

#5. Dog Palace Large Dog House by ASL Solutions

Dog Palace Large Dog House by ASL Solutions

This dog house from ASL is completely insulated. The outside is made out of tough plastic for lasting durability. However, each panel is filled with real foam.

The insulated construction helps to regulate temperature all year round. The floor is also insulated and raised four inches off the ground. This helps to ensure that your dog’s sleeping surface stays dry and cozy.

The roof features a gambrel shape and has faux shingles for a unique look. The great thing about this dog house is that it works with an optional solar-powered ventilation fan for those extra hot summer days.

#6. Internet’s Best Outdoor Dog House / Comfortable Cool Shelter

Internet’s Best Outdoor Dog House | Comfortable Cool Shelter | Durable Plastic Design | Home Kennel | Indoor or Outdoor Use

This dog house is fully ventilated. There are ventilation slots on the front, sides, and back of the house, ensuring that air can move throughout the interior on hot days.

It’s made from durable plastic. The material is thin enough to remain light, yet strong enough to last for many years.

The bottom of the dwelling is an easy-to-clean pan. It’s raised about two inches off the ground and features multiple support rods throughout to comfortably support your dog’s weight.

The house has a pretty straightforward assembly process and it’s also very easy to clean with a simple hose.

An Insulation Kit to Use with Any Dog House

#7. Precision Pet by Petmate Log Cabin Dog House Insulation Kit

Precision Pet by Petmate Log Cabin Dog House Insulation Kit - Machine Washable - 3 Sizes

Do you already have a dog house that your pup loves? Consider this insulation kit to provide additional protection from the heat. It’s made out of poly-foam padding and features a two-layer fabric that you can pop in the washing machine whenever it gets dirty. 

The insulation can be used to cover all corners of the house, including the floor. A zipper and velcro attachments make it easy to install inside your dog house. The thick foam will prevent cool air from escaping and hot air from getting in.

Tips for Cooling Down a Dog House

Even if you have a summer-ready dog house, there are some things you can do to make sure that it’s as comfortable for your dog as possible.

A few simple changes can turn your dog’s outdoor home into a safe haven from the heat.

Choose the Right Material

Dog houses come in all kinds of material. The material used is not just about looks. It can also affect how protected the house is from the summer heat.

The worst kind of house you can get for your pooch is metal.

Metal attracts heat, effectively turning that little box into an oven.

Plastic tends to be the go-to for most people because of its affordability and durability. Sure, plastic does a pretty good job in terms of strength. But how is it in the summer?

Plastic tends to deteriorate the more it’s exposed to the sun. You may start to notice small cracks and discoloration after only a few weeks.

If your main goal is to keep your dog safe and protected, wood is the way to go.

Wood offers a great balance between durability and comfort. It’s a natural material that’s air-permeable. As a result, wood tends to be the best when you’re in a hot climate.

It does a better job of keeping the space ventilated and comfortable. To provide lasting durability, most manufacturers treat the material with protective paint.

Location is Everything

Once you have purchased your dog’s new home, you’re going to need to find the perfect spot. The best place will be under some shade.

Put the house under a tree or covered porch to keep the sun’s rays away.

The more that the building is exposed to the sun, the quicker it will heat up during the day.

Also, consider the environment underneath.

You should avoid placing the house on concrete. Have you ever felt concrete after its been baking in the sun for a couple of hours?

The material holds onto heat, creating a very hot surface that could easily burn your pup’s foot pads.

If you’re thinking about placing it on bare soil, you may want to reconsider as well. Soil tends to release heat upwards, which would only make the dog house hotter.

The best place it over some thick grass. The grass will act as another layer of insulation to keep your dog cool.

When it comes to the direction of the dog house, plan for the wind.

It’s recommended that you place the house parallel to the wind direction. Doing so will make sure that those relaxing breezes create some air circulation inside.

Add Some Insulation

While most people associate insulation with cold weather, it’s a must-have during summer as well.

Insulation works both ways. When it’s hot out, an extra layer of insulation can help to minimize heat transfer going inside.

If your dog house doesn’t have insulation, you can add some through an insulation kit.

Alternatively, you can use some foam or plywood boards. Foam is considered to be one of the best insulating materials.

It’s relatively affordable and very easy to work with. Just put a layer on the inside of the walls and roof. Make sure to keep ventilation holes open.

Prop It Up

It’s always recommended that you keep dog houses elevated. Not only does an elevated position prevent dirt and water from collecting on the floor of the house, but it also helps to improve air flow.

There should be a few inches of space between the floor of the house and the ground.

The more space there is, the better. If it’s possible, try getting a foot of clearance.

This will promote better air circulation around the unit and prevent any radiant heat coming up from the ground from affecting the inside.

Use Ice and Water

On those particularly hot days, you can use water and ice to your advantage.

Use a sprinkler or water hose to spray around the house. By keeping the areas around the building cool, you can prevent heat from getting inside.

You can also splash down the roof to drop the temperature a few degrees.

Another great option is to fill a large container up with ice and place it underneath the house.

As the ice starts to melt, that cool air will start to creep up through the floor, giving your dog some much-needed relief.

Extra Accessories to Consider

If the previous tips aren’t doing enough to keep the dog house cool, you can invest in some additional equipment. Most of the following devices are electrically powered.

They’re all also designed to work with dog houses. However, you may need to make some modifications to get them to work properly.

The most important thing you’ll have to do is find a way to secure the wires.

Dogs love to chew on stray wires when they’re bored and uncomfortable. This can pose a serious safety risk, so it’s a good idea to invest in a cable lockbox or other forms of protection before you start turning things on.

Cooling Bed

Patented Pressure-Activated Gel Cooling Pad for Dogs & Pets - Dog Accessories to Help Your Pet Stay Cool This Summer

Cooling beds are, perhaps, the easiest thing you use. These inconspicuous pads look like any other dog bed.

However, they’re hiding a very cozy secret. Instead of using traditional foam, these pads are made out of gel or liquid. 

The gel is designed to pull heat away from your dog’s body. They feel cool to the touch, even in the scorching heat.

Circulation Fans

As the name would suggest, circulation fans are engineered to get things moving inside the cabin.

They prevent stagnant air from affecting your dog. There are a couple of different types of fans available. These include ceiling fans and standard fans on a pedestal.

Ceiling fans are installed at the top of the dog house. Once they’re turned on, the large blades chop the air to create a comfortable breeze.

The same goes for standard fans, though they tend to take up more room than the alternative.

Both use very little power throughout the day, allowing you to keep it on whenever the sun is out.

Exhaust Fans

Rather than moving the air that’s already inside the dog house, exhaust fans work to remove it. They’re pointed towards the outside of the building, usually in the ventilation slots.

When you turn these devices on, the fan blades drive hot air out of the dog house while pulling cool air in.

Air Conditioning Units

Finally, there’s a full-blown air conditioner.

Air conditioning units provide you with ultimate control and cooling power. They operate the same way that your home’s AC unit does. However, the intake and exhaust are much smaller.

Units don’t have to be installed right next to the house. Most have long ducts that you can attach to the unit so that your pup doesn’t have anything to mess with inside.

Air conditioning units come in many different sizes and power levels. The best option is to go with something that’s portable, easy to use, and versatile.

Chances are, you won’t want to take the unit out once winter rolls around. So, having a device that does double-duty as a space heater is great.


Providing your dog with a safe and comfortable place to relax is a big part of being a pet parent.

Heatstroke and dehydration are very real threats that you need to think about when you’re planning for the summer season.

With the right dog house and a couple of cooling tricks, you and your dog can have fun all summer long. Of course, don’t forget to make sure that your dog has access to plenty of refreshing drinking water near their cool new dog house.

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