Best Indoor Dog Potty Systems: Top 7 Picks to Keep your Floor Dry

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Potty training a young puppy can be a challenging endeavor. Not only does it require a lot of dedication and time, but it can be pretty messy, too. Accidents happen when dogs are unable to step outside at their leisure.

In a perfect world, you’d be able to let your dog relieve itself in the backyard anytime they wanted to. However, not everyone has that luxury!

Some of us have to rely on indoor training tools to get the job done.

While old-school methods had their merits in the past, we have far better options than piddle pads and newspapers these days. Indoor potty systems are a fantastic investment that can serve as an effective potty training tool.

These systems keep the mess contained and off your floors! Plus, your puppy can continue to use them well into adulthood if going outside isn’t an option.

Indoor potty systems aren’t as common as training pads, but they’re quickly growing in popularity. Here’s a selection of some of the best indoor dog potty systems worth checking out.

7 of the Best Indoor Dog Potty Systems

1. Wee-Wee Patch Indoor Potty, Medium

Here’s a super-simple potty that looks like all-natural grass from the backyard. The Wee-Wee patch has a durable plastic tray for waste management. 

Urine effortlessly flows into the tray for collection. When it’s time to empty it, use the integrated pour spout to stay mess-free.

On top of the tray, your pooch will appreciate the patch of fake grass. It has a realistic scent and texture. Add some pheromone attractant, and your puppy will think it’s the real thing!

The grass layer is removable and replaceable. However, it’ll last a pretty long time with proper care.

All you have to do is give it a good rinse to freshen things right up!

2. Downtown Pet Supply Pee Turf Portable Dog Potty with Drawer

This potty system from Downtown Pet Supply looks like it has a standard tray design at face value. However, the manufacturers added some convenient features to improve efficiency and cleanliness.

Remove the large patch of non-toxic faux turf to reveal the magic behind the potty. The durable plastic tray features raised grooves and a sloped bottom.

The tracks guide liquid waste into a small opening. Once it enters the opening, the refuse falls into a removable drawer.

To empty the potty, all you have to do is slide the drawer out and wash it. There’s no need to move the entire potty every time. As a result, your maintenance requirements go down quite a bit!

3. PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Indoor & Outdoor Dog Potty, Medium

Check out this dog toilet from PetSafe. Like the previous model, this one uses a large tray and a removable drawer. 

It even has the raised tracks to promote proper liquid waste disposal. The main difference is that the base is thick and ultra-stable.

It has some noticeable height to it, rising over five inches off the ground. That’s not just a design choice.

The added height comes with more durable construction and a more voluminous wastebasket.

The system should hold onto a full day of waste while supporting your puppy’s body weight. The synthetic grass on top is easy to clean and maintain. Just wash it with warm water, and it’s good as new.

4. LOOBANI 35in x 23in Extra Large Artificial Grass Porch Potty Tray

Want to keep things simple? This potty system from LOOBANI doesn’t have all the extra features that some other products do. However, its offers impressive functionality nonetheless.

The bottom of the potty is a thick plastic tray. It collects liquid waste without any issues. Sitting on top of that is a layer of faux grass.

The grass is highly permeable. A loose-weave pad and several holes ensure that urine can get throughout without any issues.

The potty system is large enough to fit most puppies.

It also comes with two patches of synthetic grass. That way, you always have one potty surface available to your puppy.

5. Blyss Pets Klean Paws Indoor Dog Potty

Next up, we have this grate-style potty from Blyss Pets. Made of rigid plastic, this is a product that will last you quite some time! Not only that, but it’s relatively chew-proof. 

The upper grate uses a tight snap closure to ensure that your puppy doesn’t accidentally remove it.

The grate is a simple square grid. The slats are close enough to support your dog and keep its paws dry.

Below that is a shallow base. It features rubber feet on the bottom to prevent accidental slippage.

One cool thing about this potty is that you can use it with or without a training pad. Use a pad to absorb liquids and make cleanup easier. Or do without to save money. The choice is yours.

6. Piddle Place Indoor Dog & Cat Toilet with Cover

If you need a versatile dog toilet you can take on the go, this model from Piddle Place may be the solution you’re after! 

When you first look at it, this model appears to have all the same core features you would expect. It has a large base for liquid waste collection and a topper of synthetic grass.

Upon closer inspection, however, you’ll notice that this model has some fantastic travel-specific features.

The first is a secure lid. Use the cover to keep the grass safe and waste contained!

On the side, the potty also has a quick-drain spout with a built-in stopper.Use the spigot to empty the potty into a standard toilet without taking the entire thing apart.

7. PETMAKER Artificial Grass Portable Potty Training System

The PETMAKER potty is available in two different sizes. It’s comprised of three separate layers. 

On the bottom is the sturdy base tray. Angled sides remove any chances of accidental tipping, which is a big plus.

On top of that is a detachable grid tray.

It’s meant to provide some separation between the top layer and the waste below. The grid is sporting several holes to let liquid waste slide on through.

Finally, the top is a mat of non-toxic fake grass.

The grass is realistic. However, it’s easy to wash and replace to keep things fresh.

What’s an Indoor Dog Potty System?

There’s a bit of confusion about what canine potty systems are, so we’re here to clear things up! First things first: Dog potties aren’t the same as training pads. They serve similar purposes.

You might even see potties that utilize pads as a consumable. However, potty systems are designed as a long-term solution.

They’re a little more complex and are built with reusability in mind. They reduce waste and act as a lasting solution to prevent messes inside.

Think of them as a litter box for cats. Your dog can continue to use them for as long as they need. You’ll need to clean them up from time to time. But after that, they’re ready to go for use again.

Why Use One?

I know what you’re thinking: Why use a potty when the great outdoors is good enough? Well, there are several reasons why you might want to invest in one of these accessories.

Easy and Safe Access

One of the biggest reasons to use an indoor potty is to give your dog a chance to get relief when going outside isn’t a viable option.

Have you ever had to rough it through an intense thunderstorm or blizzard?

What about sky-high temperatures, extreme humidity, or any other environmental condition that would be dangerous for your dog? While those moments are rare, they do occur.

In most cases, the only choice is to make your dog hold it. But when you’re dealing with a young puppy with a weak bladder, holding it in will only result in messy situations.

An indoor potty gives your pup the chance to do their business regardless of what the weather is like outside.

If you live in a place that doesn’t have outdoor space at all, potty systems can be a tool that supports your dog throughout its entire life.

They’re pretty popular among those who live in high-rise buildings or those in apartments with no backyard.

Usually, a home like that wouldn’t be a great place to raise a puppy. But if you have an indoor potty system, there’s no reason why you could have a dog!

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Mess-Free Convenience

Another big perk of using potty systems is that they keep your floors dry.

Sure, training pads and newspapers can absorb liquids and hold solids without much issue. However, most are unable to stay completely dry.

You might notice some dampness or leakage. Eventually, repeated leaks will lead to staining and floor damage.

A potty system keeps everything contained into one unit. As long as you remember to empty it out, you shouldn’t have to worry about messes whatsoever.

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A Valuable Training Tool

We already know that training a young puppy is tough.

Puppies don’t know any better and have a tough time figuring out the difference between where they should pee and where they shouldn’t.

There are many ways to help create that distinction. However, potty systems can make the task much more manageable!

Potties are distinct surfaces that look nothing like your floors. Plus, it’s an entirely separate environment from their crate or pen.

For this reason, puppies usually learn quicker with the help of an indoor potty. If you adopt proper training techniques, it should take much to encourage them to use them.

You can keep them on the indoor toilet throughout their lives or use it to transition to outdoor relief. Either way, puppies can easily identify the device even if you move it around.


Ultimately, the goal when training a puppy is to make them a little more independent. You want your pooch to learn how to do its business alone and in an appropriate place.

A potty system provides ultimate independence. Because your puppy doesn’t have to wait for you to open a door and let them out, puppies can get relief whenever they need it.

That means no more waiting for you and much fewer accidents.

If you are a busy person, your puppy can still poop and pee when you’re not around. As a result, you can be a little more relaxed about getting home to let your dog out.

The same benefits apply if you’re physically unable to accompany your dog outside. Aside from cleaning, there’s nothing you have to do to facilitate use, which is a huge perk.

Key Considerations When Choosing a Dog Potty

Convinced that you need an indoor dog potty system? Before you buy one to start reaping the rewards, there are a few things to consider. These accessories have a lot to offer. But, they must meet both you and your dog’s needs first.

Pay attention to the following features to ensure that it’s the right tool for your home.

Core Design

When you’re shopping, you’ll notice that dog toilets come in a few different designs.

The simplest is a grate-style potty. As the name implies, these systems utilize a large grate on top.

The grate allows urine to flow into the collection bin below. Meanwhile, solid waste stays on top for easy disposal later.

Grate potties are pretty affordable and easy to clean, making them an excellent universal choice.

If your dog needs something a little more natural, you can grass-based potties. From a design standpoint, these devices are pretty similar to grate-style potties.

The only difference is the addition of real or synthetic grass on top.

The grass is meant to mimic a freshly cut lawn. It provides a familiar texture and experience.

Grass-based systems are great if you want your puppy to go outside to do their business in the future. They serve as an excellent transitional tool.


When we talk about consumables, we’re referring to any part of the product you have to replace for continual use. Not all potties use consumables.

Grate-style systems, for example, don’t need anything but the collection bin to keep your floors dry.

However, some might use absorbent pads. The pads help to pick up some of the liquid waste to make cleanup more manageable.

The good news is that these systems often take any standard-sized pad you can get at your local pet store.

Potties that use real grass will require continued purchases. They rely on pieces of natural sod to simulate the backyard experience.

Sod pieces can last several weeks with proper care. But they do absorb urine!

As a result, the grass will burn and die out the longer your dog uses it. Plus, it’ll hold onto smells like nothing else!

Replacing the grass patches lets you create a fresh new surface for your dog to do their business.


Of course, you’ll want to match your potty system to your dog!

A small, Chihuahua-sized system isn’t going to cut it for a Great Dane! You can start out small when your puppy is young, but you’ll need to upgrade as they get bigger.

A good rule of thumb is to choose a system that has dimensions similar to your dog’s bed. It should provide enough surface area for them to move around a bit and “find” a spot they want to use.


Durable materials are always a plus. Most reusable potty systems are made of thick plastic.

It’s important to remember that constant exposure to acidic urine can do a lot of damage to plastic over time. Avoid anything that looks thin and flimsy.

Thick plastic can last years with proper care, so don’t be afraid to spend a little more on something high-quality.

Maintenance Requirements

Have you considered how much cleaning you want to do?

There’s no getting around basic cleaning and washing. However, some systems are easier to empty than others. Look for dedicated pour spouts and removable parts.

The pour spout will make emptying urine a breeze while avoiding accidental spillage. Meanwhile, removable parts can make washing more manageable.


Give your puppy the freedom to do their business on their own terms! A dog potty system is an excellent investment. Not only can it complement your training efforts, but it’ll keep your floors free of smelly waste!

Whether you’re looking for a better way to train your puppy or you need a long-term solution to outdoor accessibility issues, an indoor dog potty may be the answer you’re looking for.

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