Do French Bulldogs Shed & how to Minimize it?

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A well groomed French Bulldog

You might be a dog lover, who wants to own a cute little French bulldog but you’re afraid it’s gonna fill your entire house with mountains of shed hair.

No need to worry. We’re providing you with all the info you need about Frenchies’ shedding. We also have the best tips to keep it under control.

Do Frenchies Shed?

Of course, they do.

All kinds of dogs shed. Some breeds shed more than others, some have long hair that’s more noticeable, but in the end, they all lose hair periodically.

The main reason a lot of people are led to believe that French bulldogs don’t shed is because of the look and nature of their fur. They have shiny coats with short smooth hair.

Normally, it’s a single coat with thin hair and no undercoat. However, you might find Frenchies that have a thick heavy coat with long hair, probably because they’re not a pure breed.

Why Do They Shed?

Like all dogs, French bulldogs shed to lose the old damaged hair and grow a new healthy coat.

It’s their natural way of coping with the environmental conditions surrounding them and adapting to the changing temperatures between seasons.

Normally, French bulldogs shed to resist the rising temperatures during summer and keep their bodies cool.

They also lose their thin fur and grow a thicker coat to stay warm and combat the cold weather during winter.

Other than these natural reasons, some shedding could be attributed to some health issues, especially if it’s excessive and occurs at non-periodic frequencies.

There are several conditions that could cause this type of shedding like an unhealthy diet, skin irritation or infections, parasites, immune diseases, allergies, pregnancy, kidney or liver issues, and sunburn, among others.

How Much Do They Shed?

In general, French bulldogs don’t shed that much compared to other breeds. This is due to their little bodies and short furs.

They normally shed most of their coat twice per year, during spring and fall.

The shedding is expected to be more during the starting summer months, as they lose the heavy fur they had that protected them from the cold during the winter months.

However, it’s important to note that each dog is different. You might find a Frenchie that has a denser coat and sheds more than other dogs.

A lot of dog owners who have more than one French bulldog notice that they shed at different levels. Some dogs could shed all year long, while others shed only between seasons.

A lot of things can affect the frequency and the level at which the dog sheds.

The main factors are the weather, health, diet, and the hair care they get from grooming to hair conditioners to bathing frequency.

Excessive grooming and bathing could cause more shedding.

It’s also an established fact that most dogs shed more when they’re still puppies. As they grow older, the shedding starts to lessen.

French bulldogs are also known for having sensitive skin that’s subject to inflammation and trauma, which could increase hair loss.

It’s crucial to pay attention and keep a record of your dog’s normal shedding levels and frequencies in order to quickly notice any abnormalities and check on them.

How to Minimize Your Frenchie’s Shedding?

As we discussed, shedding is a natural process for our furry little friends, so there’s absolutely no way to completely prevent them from losing hair.

The upside is that there’s so much you can do to control it and bring it to a minimum.

Here are the essential things that are proven to be effective in controlling Frenchies’ shedding.

Regular Grooming

The first thing to do that will help maintain your French bulldog’s fur is to groom it all the time.

Grooming helps keep its coat soft and clean and minimize skin problems or discover them as quickly as possible.

Using the grooming tool will help you collect and remove loose and dead hair before it falls all around the house. It’s recommended to groom your dog at least once a week.

Some dogs might need a 5-minute session on a daily basis or every two days, depending on their shedding level.

Take care not to do it excessively or put too much pressure on the dog’s skin, though.

There are lots of grooming brushes available. Choosing the best one for your dog is a trial and error process.

For thin-coated Frenchies, soft brushes with fine teeth are recommended to avoid removing too much hair. Stronger brushes like the FURminator are convenient for dogs with thicker coats.

Brush gloves are also a great option, especially silicone gloves that are really soft and can be used for bathing too.

Frequent Bathing

Bathing is also highly effective in keeping your dog’s fur healthy and shiny. It washes away dead hair and helps keep stray fur out of your furniture.

Regular baths are important to keep the coat clean, especially for playful dogs who like to roll around a lot.

It’s also a nice chance to administer some shampoos and hair cosmetics to keep your dog’s skin healthy and protect it against any inflammations or diseases. Stick to hypoallergenic dog cosmetics rich in natural oils.

After bathing, it’s essential to quickly dry the dog’s fur with a towel and gently brush it to gather any remaining loose hair.

Healthy Nutrition

A healthy diet is critical, not only in minimizing shedding but in keeping your dog in good health overall. It’ll keep their coats bright and protect them from losing weak hair all the time.

You should give them food rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids like fish or include dog-specific fatty acid supplements in their regular food. Fruits filled with antioxidants can also improve their immune system.

Dog Clothes and Furniture Covers

This tip might not directly minimize your dog’s shedding, but it can help you control the gathering of stray fur.

Cuteness aside, making your dog wear clothes helps gather the falling hair and prevent the dog from itching its skin.

The furniture covers will also keep the hair away from your furniture and they’re much easier to wash.

What to Do in Case of Excessive Shedding?

As we mentioned, excessive shedding is mostly due to health problems. It gives a great indication for many allergies, infections, and other problems that your dog might be having.

That’s why it’s imperative to immediately visit a vet as soon as it’s noticed.


Even with their shedding, French bulldogs are still adorable and lovely pets to have.

Just take care of their nutrition, grooming, and bathing to keep them healthy and you won’t have to worry too much about their hair covering all your house.

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