6 Ways to Remember a Deceased Dog

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remebering a deceased dog

The death of a beloved dog is one of the most heartbreaking things one can go through. Not only are our dogs pets, but they become members of our family as well.

No matter the circumstances, nothing can prepare one for the loss of an animal you hold close to your heart.

It is important that we commemorate our beloved dogs once they’ve crossed the rainbow bridge by celebrating their lives and the impacts they’ve had on us.

Fortunately, there are many special ways one can go about doing this and there are options for every circumstance.

#1. Plant a Tree

One very unique way of celebrating the life our dogs have had is by creating new life.

Whether you choose the spot they were buried or another symbolic one, you can plant a tree or other plant that can grow from their passing.

This can be very meaningful for those who want a living vessel of their love for their animal. This allows their life to continue to have an affect by providing a new life for other things.

#2. Commission an art Piece of your Dog

Another option is to commission an art piece of your dog.

Since our dogs permanently affect us in almost every way, continuing to have a reminder of your dog in your home carries that on, even in death.

There are many options for people considering this approach. One can commission a painting or drawing in virtually whatever style or medium they want.

There are endless options and artists able to showcase the life of your dog through their work.

Custom Dog Portrait - Personalized Pet Portrait

This does not necessarily have to be a portrait either. There are other options including getting your pooch’s paw prints turned into art and even incorporating their ashes into a piece.

On the contrary, one can choose to stay away from a picture of their dog entirely.

Options for this approach include getting your beloved animal’s ashes swirled into an artful glass decoration or even incorporating them into a commemorative piece of jewelry.

#3. Help Others

Another way to memorialize your pet is to pay-it-forward.

For example, if your dog passed away from a canine malady, consider donating to an organization researching a cure. Got your dog from the animal shelter? Consider donating your time volunteering at the shelter.

You can also donate goods such as dog food, toys, blankets and other material or monetary goods.

A charitable contribution in your dog’s name is a great way to provide a final act of love and is a great way to remember your canine companion.

#4. Create a Memorial Garden

An additional way to commemorate your dog is to create a memorial garden for them.

Choose a special place to both you and your dog and create or commission a headstone or sign to dedicate to them. Another option is to engrave their name and whatever else you may desire on a bench.

Feel free to decorate this area however you like by planting flowers and other plants, making a peaceful walkway, adding a fountain, and more.

Visits to this memorial garden are sure to bring back fond memories of your furry friend and a smile to your face.

#5. Memory Box

Another option for those looking to commemorate their dogs is to create a memory box.

First, choose a box and decorate it however you please. You can then fill this box with photographs, toys, and other keepsake items such as their dog tags and collar.

This can be completely personalized and can be kept in a safe spot in your home to be revisited throughout the years.

Pawceptive Pet Memorial Picture Frame with 3 Display Options for Dog or Cat Loss - Collar Mount, Memory Hanger or Loving Remembrance Message - Sympathy Keepsake Photo Gift for a Grieving Owner

A twist on this idea is to create a shadow box. This is similar to a memory box yet is more decorative.

First, choose a box or deep picture frame with a glass top. Next, arrange some keepsake items inside and glue them down.

You can also draw or write commemorative quotes around your items if you would like. Place the top on the box and then display it wherever you wish for a constant reminder of the love and joy your dog brought to your life.

#6. Photo Album

One final way to memorialize your dog is to create a photo album of them and all the times you shared together.

Since we may keep all our photos on our phones and computers nowadays, it is rare for someone to keep any photo albums anymore.

Not only does a photo album provide a beautiful physical reminder of your dog, but it can be revisited for years and years to come.

You can also get creative with this idea by adding stickers, captions, dates, and more. In addition, one can also add other commemorative items.

For example, you could add the receipt from when you purchased your pooch’s favorite toy.

Accept the Passage of Time

Although the death of a beloved family pet is heartbreaking, we must all accept the passage of time. T

he best one can do for their pets is prepare for the end as well as we can and celebrate their lives once they eventually cross the rainbow bridge.

It is very important to know when your dog’s final moments are approaching in order for you to make them as comfortable as possible and ease the pain.

dog burried grave memorial

The passing of a dog evokes the same stages of grief as when a family member or other close friend passes away. Although it is not easy at all, it is important to face this unalterable fact of life with a brave face.

Do what needs to be done for your animal companion and listen to them to prevent any unnecessary stress on them. This is necessary so we can provide our dogs with the comfort and care that they need in their final moments with us.

The passing of a pet hurts us in a way not many can explain, however, with the passage of time comes healing.

Sooner or later, you will be able to look back with nothing but fond memories of your pet.

By commemorating them using one of the methods mentioned above, you will be able to smile and think back to all of the joy they brought you and come to terms with their passing.

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