Why Schnauzers Are The Worst Dogs

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Schnauzers Are The Worst Dogs

The famous Schnauzer: You either love them, or you hate them!

These dogs are one of the most popular breeds in the United States, consistently ranking in the top-20 list from the American Kennel Club.

There are several different variants. The smallest of the bunch is the Miniature Schnauzer, weighing 10 pounds or so.

Meanwhile, the Giant Schnauzer tips the scales at over 100 pounds!

A Standard Schnauzer is the most popular variant. It’s more manageable, weighing between 35 and 40 pounds.

Looks and stature aside, these dogs can be a handful!

They’re incredibly energetic, displaying high stamina levels and frequently experiencing energy bursts you can seem to control. They make great family dogs and are relatively easy to train.

So why do some people consider Schnauzers the worst dogs of the bunch?

6 Reasons Why Schnauzers are Just the Worst

Owning a Schnauzer can be a real challenge. It doesn’t matter whether you have a small dog or a big one. This breed has some inherent traits that may make you second-guess adopting one.

Here are some of the most common reasons some dog lovers don’t like Schnauzers.

1. They Need Tons of Exercise

If you adopt a Schnauzer, be prepared to deal with their high exercise demands.

These dogs were initially bred to be farm dogs. They had to have high energy levels to handle their many jobs. Not only did they born to herd livestock and guard cattle, but they also had to take care of rodents.

Those job requirements were pretty steep, so Schnauzers developed super-high stamina levels to handle it all. While most pups these days are nothing more than furry companions, that energy remains.

Schnauzers need regular walks and plenty of play opportunities. Otherwise, they will turn to destruction.

These dogs are notorious for destroying furniture and wreaking havoc when they have too much pent-up energy.

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2. Barking Can Become a Major Issue

Here’s a harsh reality you’ll have to face as a Schnauzer owner: These dogs like to bark… a lot!

They’re a vocal breed that takes every opportunity they can to speak their truth! Whether they’re hungry, want to go outside, or need to play, they’ll let you know.

The barking can become incessant, and ignoring it does nothing but make your dog bark more.

If you’re looking for a sweet pup that’s calm, relaxed, and quiet, Schnauzers aren’t for you. They can cause real trouble in apartments or condos, so make sure to consider their barking habits before adopting.

3. Grooming Can Be a Hassle

If being easy to groom is a top priority for you when looking for a dog, move on!

Schnauzers have some pretty demanding fur. While it doesn’t shed as much as other dogs, it still requires great care.

The outer layer of hair is long and has a wiry texture. It grows pretty fast, resulting in the need for regular cuts. But that’s not all. Schnauzers are notorious for developing painful mats and tangles.

Most Schnauzer owners will go to professional groomers every four to six weeks to avoid all that. That can get pretty expensive.

Even if you’re planning on grooming your dog yourself, you’ll spend a lot of time dealing with your dog’s fur.

4. There’s a Genuine Chance of Aggression

Now, Schnauzers aren’t super aggressive and aren’t anywhere close to as violent as some other dogs out there. However, these dogs are fully capable of being aggressive towards you, family members, and other dogs.

The issue comes back to all that pent-up energy they hold. Schnauzers need to channel that energy somewhere.

While most will turn to destroy your furniture, some will resort to aggression.

These dogs aren’t the best to have in multi-pet homes. They can turn on a dime, growling and showing their teeth out of nowhere. If the offender doesn’t back off, they can resort to bites.

5. Schnauzers Love to Chase Small Animals

As if the possibility of aggression wasn’t enough, Schnauzers love to chase smaller animals.

Remember: They were originally bred to catch rodents on the farm. That strong prey drive still exists in modern dogs.

You might not see any harm or foul in letting your dog chase squirrels in the backyard, but it could lead to many problems.

First, you can’t have cats in or around the home.

Most Schnauzers will immediately give chase without thinking twice.

schnauzer chasing

Secondly, what happens if your dog encounters a stray rodent outside? Once again, the prey drive kicks in, and Schnauzers won’t stop until they succeed.

Unfortunately, many develop tunnel vision when chasing small animals. That increases the risk of running off and losing their way, running into traffic, and more.

6. They’re Stubborn and Strong-Willed

If you don’t have any experience training a dog, get ready for an uphill battle with Schnauzers.

Those who have owned dogs before shouldn’t have any problem. But these dogs will walk all over an owner who lacks confidence.

They’re strong-willed and like to be independent. While not as bad as Huskies and Malamutes, Schnauzers will certainly test you. If you flinch, it can be a challenge to assert your dominance.

It takes a lot of work to train these dogs.

Experienced owners can get there quickly because Schnauzers are intelligent enough to pick up commands. But inexperienced dog owners might find them too much to handle.

Reasons Why Schnauzers are Amazing

Now that you know some of the negative traits let’s go over some of the good these dogs bring into the world. There are many reasons why Schnauzers are so beloved.

Sure, they might have some notable shortcomings, but many would argue that their positive traits are well worth the trade-off!

Here are some of the things dog owners absolutely love about Schnauzers.

They’re Naturally Hypoallergenic

Did you know that Schnauzers are hypoallergenic?

Instead of the thin fur that seems to float in the air and spread dander, they have wiry strands of hair. These dogs have a thicker undercoat for insulation, but they rarely shed like other dogs.

Many compare them to Poodles and Labradoodles in this regard.

Their hair won’t get everywhere to spread allergens. So, you can breathe easier! People who suffer from allergies can finally become dog owners!

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Schnauzers Make Fantastic Family Pets

Earlier, we talked a bit about how Schnauzers can be aggressive. While that’s true, they also make good family pets.

Dogs that exhibit signs of aggression often do so in entirely avoidable situations. If you take steps to train your dog and your children, everyone can get along harmoniously.

Schnauzers are fiercely loyal and loving. Even the small ones make excellent guard dogs!

Intruders don’t get very far before a Schnauzer alerts you, thanks to their penchant for barking. They can keep the family safe while being a source of fun and exercise for everyone.

They Can Be Sweet and Calm When They Want to Be

Don’t let the hyperactivity and stubbornness scare you too much. While they can undoubtedly be a handful, Schnauzers can also be sweet as pie.

Many owners will talk about their favorite moments with their Schnauzer after a long day. When they’re all tuckered out, these dogs can be calm and gentle.

They’re eager to crawl into your lap for some cuddles and loving.

Of course, there are also vocalization habits. Schnauzers love to talk to their owners. They’re one of the most animated dogs around, giving them plenty of fun personality to enjoy.

Is a Schnauzer the Right Dog for You?

There you have it! Like any other dog, Schnauzers have good traits and bad ones. The trick to figuring out if you should get a Schnauzer is to understand the challenges you might face.

Ultimately, it’s all about personal preference. If you have the means to meet their unique needs and the right environment for their personality, Schnauzers can make excellent companions!

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