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Recommended Diet for Canine Cushing’s Disease?

Canine Cushing’s Disease is a life-altering condition that can affect any dog breed. It’s one of the most common endocrine disorders that can affect canines and is known to cause a wide range of symptoms. While diagnosing Cushing’s Disease isn’t always easy, understanding what’s going on in your pup’s body can help you manage their care […]

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French Bulldog Collars – 5 Best Picks for Your Pup

Despite their somewhat menacing faces, French Bulldogs are adorable little companions with a laid-back attitude. They look a lot like English Bulldogs when it comes to appearance. However, Frenchies are considerably smaller, making them a pint-sized breed that’s much easier to manage. French Bulldogs are a favorite among dog-lovers because they are relatively chill compared to […]

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12 Worst Dog Food Brands to Avoid this Year – 2020

There’s no shortage of dog foods available on the market these days. Take a stroll through your local pet store and you’re bound to find aisles and aisles of products with dramatically different price points. While it’s not always the case, the price typically dictates the quality of the food. It can be tempting to go […]

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